December Scavenger Hunt in the CWE

Looking for something fun to do with the kids, your significant other, or a friend? Why not embark on a fun-filled Scavenger Hunt through the Central West End!

How To Play

  1. Play anytime during the month of December by visiting shops and restaurants throughout the CWE. 
  2. Use the clues below to find hidden snowmen in the windows of the CWE.
  3. Snap photos of 15 hidden snowmen and submit them via email to to claim your $25 CWE gift card (while supplies last).

One $25 card will be awarded per family and all children under 13 will receive a prize if they complete the hunt during the Window Walk event (children can just write the names of 15 businesses where they spotted a snowman… no photos needed)!

All gift cards will be mailed directly to you.

Below are some hints to help you find the snowmen:

Clue 1:

The snowman is looking to upgrade his skincare and beauty routine this holiday season. He’ll go here to browse their wide selection of products.

Clue 2:

The snowman wants a staycation. He’s going to stay at this contemporary hotel and have drinks with friends in their lounge.

Clue 3:

The snowman is having a a wedding next year! His friends will come to hear to pick out their attire.

Clue 4:

The snowman wants a new wardrobe for the holidays. He’ll go to this menswear store to browse stylish tops, pants and more.

Clue 5:

This former bank space enjoys the smell of fresh donuts in the morning (and so does the snowman).

Clue 6:

The snowman comes here to learn about the CWE! One of the many things this office does is put on events, like Window Walk, for the neighborhood.

Clue 7:

The snowman wants to live in the CWE! He’s excited to exercise in this place’s gym center and swim in the rooftop pool.

Clue 8:

The snowman is craving sushi. Where should he go?

Clue 9:

The snowman wants more positive energy in his home. He’ll go here to pick out the perfect crystals.

Clue 10:

The snowman loves pasta. He’ll go here to eat inside or maybe outside in one of their famous chalets.

Clue 11:

The snowman’s New Year’s resolution is to exercise more! He needs workout gear.

Clue 12:

When the snowman is craving deep dish, he’ll come here.

Clue 13:

The snowman loves reading. Where can he go to borrow several books at once?

Clue 14:

The snowman needs to get food for his holiday gathering. This local chain will have exactly what he needs!

Clue 15:

The snowman wants a sandwich for lunch. He’ll go to this restaurant that offers several different types of shawarma.

Clue 16:

The snowman needs to bring dessert to a holiday party. He’ll go to this bakery that offers sweets in many flavors.

Clue 17:

The snowman is having trouble seeing from a distance. He’ll go here to pick out a new pair of frames.

Clue 18:

The snowman wants to gift his friends jewelry. He’ll go to this shop that has pieces in a color other than gold.

Clue 19:

The snowman wants to go out for the night with friends. He knows the perfect place to play some retro games!

Clue 20:

The snowman’s furry friend Orleans calls this place home. You’ll find him walking around between shelves of classics and new releases.

Clue 21:

The snowman loves shopping! He’ll go here to look at books, skincare, home goods and more at this St. Louis favorite.

Clue 22:

The snowman loves brunch! He’ll go here to enjoy New Orleans-inspired food while listening to live jazz.

Clue 23:

The snowman wants to visit one of his favorite Pop artists, who happened to design this year’s CWE tote bag. Where should he go?

Clue 24:

The snowman’s friend needs a new outfit for a New Year’s Eve party. She’ll go here to find luxury-inspired clothing and accessories.

Clue 25:

The snowman loves cold treats. He’ll go here to get a scoop in their famous Buttercrisp waffle cone!

Clue 26:

The snowman loves this local chain of cold treats. He can’t wait to try all of their special holiday flavors.

Clue 27:

The snowman loves games, and this shop has sets, souvenirs, apparel and accessories inspired by one of his favorites!

Clue 28:

The snowman loves breakfast. He’ll go to this restaurant to eat like royalty.

Clue 29:

The snowman’s family needs a place to stay for the holidays. They’ll go to this historic hotel that overlooks the park.

Clue 30:

The snowman’s furry friend needs a haircut! Where can he take his pet to get a trim?

Clue 31:

The snowman loves condiments. He’ll go to this restaurant, which is famous for offering 34 flavors of a certain dip!

Clue 32:

When the snowman visits this place, he can enjoy drinks from all over the world, including bubbly ones! He’s planning to stop by for one of their Sunday movie nights!

Clue 33:

The snowman wants to redecorate his home! He’ll go hear to pick out what he needs.

Clue 34:

The snowman wants a new every day wardrobe of solid colors and earth tones. He’ll go to this place to browse their jackets, tops, bottoms and beanies.

Clue 35:

The snowman wants to treat himself and his friends to a day of self care! Where can he go to give some extra love to his hands, feet and skin?

Clue 36:

The snowman loves art! He’ll go to this place to look at many photographs, sculptures and paintings from emerging artists.

Clue 37:

The snowman wants to travel up and down mountains and roads across the world. Where can he go to get new wheels to do this?