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Safety & Security

The Central West End is a growing, urban area; the NCID and its partners are committed to providing a safe and secure neighborhood for residents, employees and visitors. Every day more than 30,000 people visit the neighborhood for its unique dining, shopping, entertainment, healthcare and business offerings, making it one of the busiest areas in the region.

Click here for safety tips provided by the NCID and its partners at the CWE Neighborhood Security Initiative (NSI).

Click here for CWE Safety Facts & Figures.

The NCID has also compiled some information to help our businesses and the media have better conversations about safety in our neighborhood.

Click here for Business Tips.

Click here for Business Resource Guide.

CID Welcome Packet

New to the neighborhood? Click here for our CID Welcome Packet, where you will find a complete rundown of all of the CID’s marketing resources. You will also find important business information about city ordinances, like trash collection and temporary signage.

Updated July 23, 2019