Meet the New Owner of East • West in the Central West End

If you’ve wandered down Euclid recently, you may have noticed a change at East • West. While the name remains the same, there’s a new face ready to greet you upon entering.

Just last month, Roy Brady became the new owner of East • West. After a few weeks of updates, the men’s boutique is back in business and ready to welcome shoppers into the store! We recently caught up with Roy to learn more about the transition and what people can expect when they walk through the doors.

Congratulations Roy! How did your interest in fashion first begin?

Roy Brady: I’m 26 and I’ve been in St. Louis for about 9 years. I’ve been into specialty coffee, skateboarding, running, rock climbing, some light DJ-ing. All arts — all their own subcultures. Through those different camps, I’ve developed my taste in clothing. I’ve taken pieces of all different interests, locations, genres, and people, and put them together in interest of creating a life(style) I want.

How did this opportunity arise for you to become the new owner of East West?

Roy Brady: I was previously at Blueprint Coffee, where I learned tons about small business operations, and met tons of people in the small business community. I stepped away this spring, which lead to conversations between Brian Simpson (previous E•W owner) and I, in which he proclaimed his trust for my intentions and vision for the store. I was ready to make it work however I could, and was fortunate to have his goodwill, so things have come together quite naturally.

Can you share if there are any exciting changes in the works?

Roy Brady: Since taking over on July 1st, we have been working on updating the shop with a new take on things, while retaining what makes E•W so great. Along with this new chapter, comes a rebranding and extension of content and web presence. Now we’re mapping out some events and in-house developments, all focusing around fashion, design, art, etc. Stay tuned!

This is an exciting time for you! What are you looking forward to as you transition into this new role as a small business owner?

Roy Brady: The store lends itself to the challenge of improvising and adapting to the interests of its customers. We will be looking forward to connecting with so many talented and inspiring people in our city, while providing new experiences throughout the seasons to come.

What sets East West apart from other stores in the area?

Roy Brady: E•W is doing things for the Midwest by bringing together brands, fashion, and lifestyle from all over the map. We’re curating thoughtfully, allowing a place for St. Louis to connect, reflect, and explore.

What do you love most about being located in the Central West End?

Roy Brady: Our location on Euclid provides a great feel, inside and out. Outside, a constant bustle provides the street with a lively city-centered experience. Inside, our shop feels homely and slow paced, with plenty of room to chill, read, connect, and shop. 

Fall is almost upon us! As the seasons change, what would you say is the one “must-have-item” for any man?

Roy Brady: Fall calls for layers, so it’s always interesting mixing and matching. Finding new ways to wear some of your favorite pieces is a great part of what is my favorite season. Over-shirts from Corridor, Vetra, and Engineered Garments are going to be some favorites this year!

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