Beloved Local Eatery Brennan’s Set to Reopen in St. Louis’ Central West End

For nearly 20 years, Brennan’s has been a mainstay in St. Louis’ Central West End neighborhood, slinging drinks, dishing out bites and serving funky vibes for folks from all walks of life. Yet the good times were put on pause this past winter when a devastating fire shut down the local favorite the day before its reopening in a new location around the corner from its prior site.

Now, with a re-reopening in the works and pandemic restrictions being lifted, the “new” Brennan’s is set to recapture its old magic.

“When we moved, we tried to keep some of the look and feel of the old place,” says owner Kevin Brennan. “It’s an interesting and kind of cool challenge – that’s why we were looking forward to the move.”

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