Parking Meters in the CWE Now Accepting Credit and Debit Cards

‘No Change, No Problem’ Pilot Program Launches in Central West End.

Motorists parking in the City of St. Louis can stop searching their consoles for loose change. That’s because the City Treasurer’s Office is launching a pilot program called,  “No Change, No Problem.” Sixty new individual credit and debit card accepting parking meters will be installed in the Central West End neighborhood.  The “No Change, No Problem” pilot will run through summer and fall 2013. It will be kicked off with a launch event. During this event, parking enforcers will giveaway free parking cards to visitors who check-in via Twitter, Facebook, or Four Square at a neighborhood business. They will also answer questions and gather feedback about the new meters. With this program, drivers can use coins, credit or debit cards to park at one of the new meters. Parking rates will not increase and no additional fees will be charged for using credit or debit cards. These new meters will function the same as coin-operated meters– just more conveniently.

The public is invited to submit comments and feedback about the new meters on the Treasurer’s Office Twitter and Facebook accounts, and on its website. Public feedback received during the pilot program will help determine whether or not to invest in the meters and roll them out to other city areas.

The “No Change, No Problem” program is intended to improve the overall parking experience and continue to generate funds for the City of St. Louis. The St. Louis City Treasurer is responsible for managing the city’s parking enforcement, including parking meters, lots and garages. Nearly $13 million in revenue is generated each year through city parking facilities.

The kick-off event will take place at Maryland Plaza, at the corner of Euclid Ave and Maryland Ave, this Friday, May 10 from 11 am to 1 pm. For more information, visit the City Treasurer’s office website at here.