PLNK is a total body, 50 minute workout with a focus on targeted muscular strength building and conditioning.

Just one 50-minute PLNK class includes strength, endurance, cardio, balance and flexibility exercises on the Megaformer- what more could you ask for.

With celebrities, athletes and top models getting hooked (Odell Beckham Jr., Jennifer Aniston and Karlie Kloss to name a few) you’ve probably heard of the Lagree Method and the Megaformer. But you may not have had the chance to experience the PLNK difference.

That all changes today.

PLNK classes are calorie blasters of high intensity, low impact, exercises that combine the fundamentals of alignment, breath and mindful movement, without the use of momentum to minimize the stress to your joints and spine. Slow intentional movements, quick transitions and constant engagement of your core create leaner, stronger, more flexible bodies.

Check out the website ( or reach out on social media (@plnkfitness) for an intro offer!