Window Walk 2023 Photos

AC Hotel by Gayla Jenkins Interiors

Bella Bridesmaids by Melissa Haynes (Melbrooke Interiors

Blue Mercury by Melissa Haynes (Melbrooke Interiors)

Bonobos by Retail Design Institute, Heartland Chapter

CID Office by Mel Husmann

Citizen Park by Olive + Opal Interiors

Clementine’s Creamery

Drunken Fish by The Cheerier Interior

Esther & Mila by Gayla Jenkins Interiors

Edera by The Cheerier Interior

Evangeline’s Bistro

Houska Gallery

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Kingside Diner

Left Bank Books

Lululemon by Srote & Co. Architects

Main Squeeze Juice Co. by Zoe Miller

Occasions Boutique by Melissa Haynes (Melbrooke Interiors)

Pi Pizzeria by Gayla Jenkins Interiors

Schlafly Library by Krista Howard Interiors

Straub’s by Melissa Haynes (Melbrooke Interiors)

Taste of Lebanon by Tielere Cheatem

The Chase Park Plaza, collection of Howard Gale & David Hemberger (photos 1-3) on loan from a friend of the CWE

The Cup by The Cheerier Interior

The Eye Bar by Lara & Company Interiors, LLC

Twisted Ranch

Up-Down by Jillian Lauren

Wolfgang’s Pet Shop

229 N Euclid Ave. by Johna Tepen and Elaine Manns