The Tenderloin Room quietly reopens in the Central West End

Bob Brazell quietly reopened the doors of The Tenderloin Room last night, offering an abridged menu and limited seating. It wasn’t the way he wanted to do it, but it was the way it had to be.

“We got our core staff back, which allowed us to get the doors open,” he says. “We will add hours, seats, and additional menu items when we can train additional staff and everyone gets comfortable… I speak for all restaurant owners when I say that we wish there was an easier way.” 

At present and subject to change, the entrée list consists of three steaks, two finfish (salmon and red snapper), lobster tail, a pork chop, chicken, and a nightly special. Two salads (Little Gem and a Caesar) are available and two desserts. Among the soup options, French onion joins Senate Bean, a signature item since 1963. The seafood gueridon has returned as well, loaded with jumbo shrimp, house smoked salmon, and calamari salad.

Brazell created a special blend of ‘steak dust’ spices that he adds to the meats and an assortment of side dishes to customize one’s steak experience.

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