The owners of Yellowbelly and Retreat Gastropub open event space in the Central West End

(Photo by Andrew Trinh Photography)

Located next door to YellowbellyThe Hideout (210 N. Euclid) offers a new oasis in the Central West End.

“It ties in a little bit to the overall theme of being connected to the ocean,” says co-owner Travis Howard. “We didn’t want this place to just feel like a carbon copy of Yellowbelly, but to have that connection. We couldn’t really dedicate any of the real footprint of the space to cool architectural details, so this was our way of bringing that in without breaking up the space.”

There are also floor-to-ceiling windows, light wood tables, and seating along two walls. Events manager Lauren Wiggins designed the interior furnishings, including creating some of the artwork. Wiggins insists that she doesn’t think of herself as an artist, but her work is key to the cozy contemporary feeling that The Hideout exudes.

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