Susan Barrett Discusses Barrett Barrera Projects, Future of Metro Area Arts

One of the most electrifying and elegant art exhibitions of 2019 originated with a lady equally electrifying and elegant: Susan Barrett.

Last autumn, Barrett’s new projects+exhibitions showcase on Manchester Avenue spotlit “Ann Ray & Lee McQueen: Rendez-Vous,” a thrilling exploration of the art of haute couture.

The stunning eclecticism of that exhibition reflects the personal eclecticism of Barrett, who helms the eponymous Barrett Barrera Projects (now in its sixth year of existence). “I’ve been a part of almost every aspect of the art and design worlds,” she relates. “My first job after college was at the Greenberg Gallery when it was in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis. I’ve also worked at an art magazine, art museums, architecture firms, graphic firms, universities, and have had my own companies in architecture, design and fashion.

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