Moris Men’s Shop Shines in New Location

Moris Men’s Shop has gotten a serious makeover: one with manly decorating updates and an even more inviting atmosphere. Brian Smith, owner of the popular CWE store, viewed his new location as a chance to change-up Moris’s overall look and feel.

“The old store was very clean and contemporary,” Brian says. “With the new location, we wanted it to feel very masculine, more like a men’s club.”

Moris 1   Moris 2

In addition to moving locations to 226 N. Euclid, Moris also updated its name to emphasize the store’s focus on men’s fashion. And the décor definitely reflects this change. The shop is now filled to the brim with masculine touches, such as displays featuring their wide selection of modern men’s clothing, a vintage-look bar stationed directly behind the register, and a cozy lounge area, complete with a flat screen TV and mounted deer head.

photo 2[1]   Moris 3

Moris Men’s Shop is a must-see in the CWE area. Whether you’re there to buy or browse, the new store will welcome you with friendly staff and fun décor that will make you want to stop and stay awhile—which is exactly what owner Brian was going for.

“My favorite part of the new store is the lounge area,” Brian says. “It is a place to sit and have a conversation with clients or friends while throwing back a few!”