Left Bank Books in the Central West End Is Asking for Your Help to Survive

The pandemic has been rough on businesses across the country, but independently owned shops are getting hit particularly hard. They often operate on small margins, so any dip in business can be catastrophic — but COVID-19 has brought almost unthinkable losses to a beloved local indie bookstore that has been operating on “sheer willpower” since March.

Left Bank Books (399 N. Euclid Avenue; 314-367,6731) says that the last two months of the year usually “account for one-third of our whole year’s revenue,” but how the rest of this particular year will shape up is a big unknown because of the pandemic. As it is now, they say their numbers are “not sustainable” so they are asking for help to get through these hard times.

“With sales at an alarming low, and no additional Federal assistance in sight, there are not a lot of options,” the store’s owners write in a statement. “We’re doing everything we can with what we have. So I am asking you now, if you are at all able, to support us in generous numbers this holiday season.”

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