El Sitio will open in the former Llywelyn’s space in the Central West End this summer

A cafe and bar serving dishes from Mexico, Colombia and St. Louis is slated to open this August. El Sitio will be located in the former Llywelyn’s space at 4747 McPherson Ave. in the Central West End.

Owners Hector Flores and Diana Salas decided it was time to open their own restaurant after they became friends while working together in the industry. Flores is from Mexico, and Salas is from Colombia, so they plan to incorporate food from both cuisines into El Sitio’s menu. 

“We were just discussing and chatting about the idea, and then we decided, ‘Well, it’s time to move on and to start our own business,’” said Flores, who has been working in restaurants in the St. Louis area for roughly 16 years. 

The name “El Sitio” means “the place” in Spanish and is meant to invite families and friends to stay all day in one warm, relaxing environment. “We were trying to find a name where people would say, ‘OK, if we were to go and have a chat, a nice conversation, spend some time together, enjoy ourselves, and have something to eat,’ this would be ‘the place’ to go,” Flores said. 

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