Cutters & Co. Owner Discusses Barbershop Business Practices During the Pandemic, Plans for Future Success

In all likelihood, H.L. Mencken (a pillar of old-school journalism) might well have dubbed Cutters & Co. a tonsorial emporium – an appropriately grand phrase for the barbershop on the lower level of the regal Chase Park Plaza in St. Louis’ Central West End neighborhood.

Miriam Meyer serves as the barbershop’s managing partner and owns it with her husband, Tom. Meyer, with pardonable pride, reflects on its history, as both Cutters & Co. and the très élégante landmark housing it approach their mutual 100th anniversary.

“It’s like a voyage that brings a sense of excitement and responsibility,” she says of captaining the maritime-themed shop (whose name puns on nontonsorial definitions of cutter). “We’re very committed to navigating Cutters & Co. through this most unusual time. As the entire world seems to be thrashing back and forth, we believe that our wonderful and dedicated stylists bring a measure of soothing calm and, of course, a sense of style that’s critical to the appearance and mental health of our clients.”

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Meyer and her husband worked to improve what many area residents already regarded as the finest barbershop hereabouts.

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