Ways To Support Brennan’s Right Now

Let’s band together and show our support for Brennan’s!

After 9 months of construction to open the new Brennan’s at 316 N Euclid, there was a fire that broke out inside the building. Luckily no one was hurt, but there was significant fire and water damage. Right now, they are working hard to restore their space to reopening condition, which will take some time.

Here are 4 ways you can support Brennan’s right now, and doing any one of these things goes a long way:

  1. Order Brennan’s products and gift boxes for delivery at boozeandsnacks.com.
  2. Book an event for when Brennan’s is restored. Email hello@cometobrennans.com or call 314-497-4449 to discuss dates and details.
  3. Buy a Brennan’s gift card in any amount, get 25% additional credit back. Call 314-497-4449 or email hello@cometobrennans.com to buy a gift card.
  4. Rent the mini Brennan’s mobile truck (with heaters!) for an outdoor event. Skip the trip to the store — their truck has everything you need.

Remember, every little bit helps!

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