10 St. Louis restaurants offering family-style takeout meals

Sauce Magazine has rounded up 10 different restaurants that can help you feed your entire family, with several options right here in the Central West End!

The fam is hungry and you don’t feel like cooking. Your frozen pizza and canned chili situation is not strong at the moment. Maybe you need to go to the store, but aren’t feeling it today. You can go tomorrow. But what will you do for dinner? 

Fortunately, you’ve got a number of options at your disposal. While all open restaurants have switched to carryout and delivery only, many have also modified their menus to provide new options and volumes suitable to family-style dining. Some, like Seoul Taco, have even provided fun guides to preparing and plating your food as if you were in a restaurant. Others, like J. Devoti Trattoria, are offering boxes containing recipes and the high-quality ingredients necessary to make then. 

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