DaVinci-Style Genius at World Chess Hall of Fame

The World Chess Hall of Fame introduces a solo exhibit, Beyond Humanities, by Bill Smith. The work of artist Bill Smith features a remarkable collection of sculptures and multimedia installations. Smith’s work interlaces seemingly unrelated subject matter – sculpture, biomathematics, video, physics, fractal geometry, and diesel mechanics – to create artworks that reveal how the natural world interacts around us.

The pieces in this solo exhibition illustrate how all living things have the nature to dominate their environment – much the way a chess player seeks to dominate the game.

Smith is a local artist with a national reputation and large following.

“I think of Bill as a modern-day Leonardo Da Vinci. We regard as art the notebooks that Leonardo filled with scientific thought and practical applications for creative discoveries. Bill is also always pushing his art past a simply visual medium toward real-world uses,” said Susan Barrett, director of WCHOF.

This exhibit shows truly how science can become art.

You can view the exhibit at the WCHOF until September 15, 2013.

You can click here for more information about the exhibit or the World Chess Hall of Fame.