David Kent Richardson Decorations and Interior Design

Complete Interior Design service, with retail hours.

Growing up, I developed an affinity for the refined AND the irreverent, and that combination is infused into my design work today. My eclectic style, and my enthusiasm for my southern roots guides my approach to designing sophisticated spaces with experiences in mind.

With polished elegance and a passion for authentic sophistication, I design beautiful interiors for the style-savvy. I’m inspired by curious objects and I love working with clients interested in curating their own collections.

My collection reflects my passion for traveling and acquiring beautiful objects. You’ll find portraits, lamps, horns, hats and statues, and all variety of things to give you goosepimples.

Accent Antiques | Decorative Pillows | Fine and Decorative Arts

My Very Important Pillows are simply constructed of beautiful textiles which I source myself. Antique needlepoint, ethnic, hand-wove, hand-dyed, clergy vestments — anything amazing and unique can be made into a VIP.